Drop shipping with Ali-Express App

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Hello, I am planning to start a Dropshipping online store using Ali-Express App.


Does anyone here have success using that app?


I have a few questions regarding that app..if you've tried it already....

1)  How do you find good products that sells well already within Aliexpress?

2) When I dropship a product from ali-express...will the supplier send the product with the supplier's price on it? ( I would like supplier's to not put any price or supplier's name on it. Just my business name and supplier's address.)

3)  If you have some success running a business using that app, can you please share your story? :D


Thank you!

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Hi @Simple_Savings! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I haven't really explored AliExpress but is it your only option? Have you considered using other options that are better, like Spocket? To answer your questions.


  1. The items on Spocket mainly come from EU and US suppliers - this means they are of quality (which is also ensured with the rigorous onboarding process our suppliers go through) and can ship fast. I think these are two of the many things that make a product "good". In any case, any product is a good product depending on the amount of work and effort you put into marketing them and selling them.
  2. For this, you can add a note to the suppliers on Spocket informing them to not include the information you specified. Though it is in our policy that suppliers are to remove any form of branding (their branding) on the packages they send to our customers. As well, we offer branded invoices where you can add your logo, business name, and address.
  3. For this, perhaps you can consider joining Spocket's official Facebook group to hear the experiences of Spocket users and how they've found "success" using the platform.

Hope these help! You can learn more about Spocket and what it can offer you and your store on Spocket's official website.


Hello @Simple_Savings 


You mean oberlo app? 

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Hey @Simple_Savings.,


AliExpress is a fantastic way to get into dropshipping if you can find the right products. I've got personal success using it so hopefully these answers help!


1. You can filter all products by niche, price and ORDERS. That way, you can see which products are purchased most (usually by other dropshippers) to get an idea of their success with the item. I do reommend striking a balance however of a winning product that isn't oversaturated. 


2. When you dropship with AliExpress using the free Oberlo app, Oberlo will automatically place a note on your order. This note tells the AliExpress supplier NOT to put any branding, invoicing or promotional material in or on the package. It won't have your brand, but it will be as simple as possible - usually just the sender details and country of origin. 


3. I have plenty of personal success dropshipping different products in multiple niches, and so far haven't received any complaints about quality or shipping time. There will always be buyers that have reservations, but if you're transparent with your approach to your brand and products, shipping time etc you will be golden. 


Best of luck!

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Working as a drop shipping store developer for more than 3 years. I will recommend Dropified or Oberlo app. Both are best