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Hi, everybody,

 I’m potential drop shipper. I've heard about advantages of the Ankaka items, with enhanced appearance of the migrant gears as well as equipment. I’d like to learn more about their own drop-shipping plan?

Are everything real and true?

1.     Ankaka allows dropship orders for all registered customers. There are no additional charges.

2.     Just you can order online in the same way as usual, but add a new shipping address during the checkout process.

3.     You can start my business without any large initial investment.

4.     You can set your own prices and profit every time you make a sale.

I’m really would like to know all about Ankaka .Please anyone answer me. 

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Matt here from the Guru Team! :)

Those are excellent questions. :-)

While we here at Shopify can confirm that you can set up drop shipping with different warehouses and companies to learn about the exact specifics of Ankaka you might want to reach out to them directly about questions 1 and 3 just to be safe. To help out I grabbed their contact page here for you! :-)  

I can confirm though for question 2 that your customers can add their own shipping address as well as a sepearate billings address and then their info can be sent to different drop shipping warehouse(s) you have set up per product in your Shopify store.  At the same time for question 4 you can set any price you like within your Shopify store, however Ankaka may have their own restrictions in terms of how much you can charge.  It is best to check with them though.  :-)

To set up a customized fullifillment services for drop shipping in you are in luck as Shopify put together this doc here which explains how to do so in ones Shopify store.

Of course I still encourage everyone reading this post that has experience with Ankaka to share their own personal experiences as well!

I hope you have an excellent day!