[Dropship.Place] Join our Amazon-eBay dropshipping webinar. 1st Feb 7PM PST

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Hi there, we at https://dropship.place are working to create the best dropshipping automation tool. It currently handles Amazon to eBay dropshipping and by handle I mean you can scrape for hot products, list them, get them repriced and process orders in batches.

Now I really mean it when I say it can scrape for products. We have made it so easy that I don't believe it's possible to make it any easier. You can feed it random keywords and it spits out possible dropshippers. Then you can scrape them to find their asins and then analyze those asins to check out the best offers and sales data on eBay. Easy as pie. We've also made the listing, repricing and ordering as smooth as possible.

Webinar on 1st Feb, 7PM
We're doing a webinar on dropshipping later today. It's free of cost and you're welcome to join.
Our mentors will begin by talking about dropshipping as a business model and then delve into the nitty-gritty details of how you can start and scale your own 7-figure dropshipping empire. The goal is get everyone well on the way of earning upwards of $3000/month.

Click here to receive the link for the webinar. We'll also notify you by email half an hour before we begin.

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hi there, 

I started a shopify store last year for a product that Iinvented, but my core business is dropshipping for other sites, so I wanted to introduce my comapny on here. We are www.centerlinkmedia.com and we have been dropshipping consumer goods for over 5 years. We currently droship over 20k packages a week and have fresh products for store owners to choose from on a weekly basis. We cover most categories from homegoods, apparel, jewelry, phone accesories, and many more. We currently have over 2000 SKU's in stock at our Florida location. We ship all orders within 24 hours and send you back tracking for every order. It's that easy. Contact me today and start selling tomorrow. info@centerlinkmedia.com. Tell them Oscar sent you.