Dropship eCommerce platfform Aliexpress to USA regulation, taxation...

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Hi dear eCommerce fans,

I am planning on creating a niche eCommerce drop-shipment platform. The suppliers will be from aliexpress and the target market will be USA and the Scandinavia countries. I will sort only epacket delivery suppliers and will try to guarantee some kind of 30 days delivery or money back. Currently I reside in Bulgaria (Europe) without any registered company. 

A have a few questions about taxation and regulation and will be very happy if someone tries to give me some lights in the tunnel:

1. What about the taxes? Do I need to calculate Bulgarian taxes and pay them here in Bulgaria, or I should calculate some kind of USA taxes and pay them in USA. The goods will not be physically here in Bulgaria. They will be dropshiped from China to USA, so I dont have any connection to the Bulgarian market. The only tax nexus with the USA market is the customer.

2. Do I need to register a company? In Bulgaria or in USA?

3. I am planning on using only paypal as payment option. Would that be ok for the customers? Is there any payment standard for online business?

4. Lets say I am the reseller A, the supplier from China is B and the customer is C. Example: C orders,  A processes the order and send the dropship order to B.  B packages the order, ships to C and inform A about the shipment status. A sends invoice to C with A"s logo and info about the delivery status. What about the package? When C receives it, there will be logos and info from B. Is that not tricky? How should I handle this problem? Should I inform B that he needs to write A info on the package?

Sorry for my long message. I will be very happy if someone comments on my topic and gives me some info.

Many thanks in advance,