Dropship suppliers?

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To whom it may concern.

I Peter from nothing-to-special.myshopify.com have recently started my online Dropshipping business in Australia.

What I am looking for is a supplier that has great service and awesome products that Ican sell here in Australia by Dropshipping?

I have been looking around for good quality service and Products.

I currently have products from Oberlo on my online store but I am struggling to get that first sale..

I am looking at saling all types of Toy and Hobbie products.I currently have all types of Drones, Lego, Remote control Cars and some sports Cameras!


I would appreciate it if  there is someone here in Australia that can give me that chance to be successful.

Thanks again


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Hi Peter,

Being you are an Australian you can have a dropshipping business run succesfully. You can dropship the products by choosing the suppliers who dropships to Australia. There are several chinese suppliers sites like https://www.aliexpress.com , http://www.lightinthebox.comhttp://www.miniinthebox.com etc.,

You can find good quality service and Products of suppliers by checking their 95%+ positive feedback. This helps you to choose the better product to import into your store.

Try out our dropshipping app with various dropshipping sites @https://apps.shopify.com/dsmatepro

Hope that could help,

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Hey Peter,

In case you're looking to expand your product line, you can also use print on demand drop shipping. That gives you opportunity to offer unique custom products like shirts, phone cases, laptop sleeves, pillows and other products with your design.

We - Printify - have a high quality Mockup Generator that allows you to create your own product images. You can select print providers by location, price and other values. We manage automated order production and shipping directly to your customers - with your branding.

You can get our Shopify app on Shopify App Store

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Thanks so much for the help and I will definitely have a look at your site 

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We are manufacturer of high quality Hats&Caps. We provide worldwide dropshipping service directly from our factory in China. We can ship a single individual unit to your end user customer as you demand.We also provide wholesale price and high quality product for bulk orders.We will offer discount price and free DHL shipping service.

For more information please contact us with email:    sallyshaw@foxmail.com


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We are offering a dropship service to distributors, retailes and partners with fast delivery and turnover time. Our product is organic ceremonial grade matcha which you can check out on our site www.mematcha.co.uk . It is premium High quality matcha green tea which can be used for teas, lattes, frappes, cakes, cookies, ice cream, face masks and much more. Matcha is the healthiest green tea available containing 137x the antioxidants than regular green tea. It improves memory, focus, awareness, metabolism and prevents many diseases as well as having many more health benefits. Our organic matcha is grown in the hills of Kyoto, Japan which is famous for their amazing tasting matcha.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a message at sales@mematcha.co.uk

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Hi Peter,

If you are looking dropshipping in Australia, this Wholesale & Drop Shipping site is ideal for those looking for local dropshipper like you. Good thing that this website can easily cater orders whether it is small or large. 

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Hi Jimmielee


i have had a look at your site and I have attempted to contact you guys with out a response..

But I am glad you contacted me through here! 

I have been on Shopify for a week now without any sales as yet, I've tried through Facebook without anything. 

Sobim thinking it's got something to do with the products I have on my site therefor I need good products to offer to my future customers! 

I will sign up today thanks again

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Hi Peter, 


We ,Banggood ,have over 70,000 products across a wide range of categories including: RC toys and hobbies, electronics and so much more. All items are well selected with high quaility.  Take a look here https://goo.gl/49b5SL and sincerely hope to work with you. : )

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish....
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Hello Vitoria 

i have had a look at you website and I Ann more then happy to work with you as well..

My issue at the moment is as I am new to these website and the Shopify store itself, How do I put product from you site on to my Shopify store?

i know it sound pretty dumb but yes that me.. lol 

I've only been working with the Oberlo website so any help would be great...

thank and hope to hear from you soon..