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This may have been answered a hundred times on here for all I know, but I'm a newbie and I can't seem to find the solutions I'm looking for.

My business partner and I are working on building an online store through Shopify that sells a carefully curated array of men's work/life/play clothing and gear. The plan is to connect with brands and manufacturers who fit the style of our store, list their products on our store, and when we receive an order -- send it to the company and they dropship it.  While this sounds simple enough in our head, I can't seem to find a solution that works. 

Is there an existing solution for this or am I crazy for thinking that this will work?

To be clear, I don't plan to keep any stock of products (at least in the beginning), and want the order process to be as simple as possible so that the brands don't feel like it's a hassle to complete orders from me.

Anything helps!



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Hi Andrew!

Kerstin here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

If you don't have your own products, you can use dropshipping where you process the sale on your Shopify checkout and the dropshipper then delivers the product. This is a business model that works well for a lot of Shopify merchants so here is a little more info:

Plus some integrated apps that work seamlessly with Shopify:

If you have any further questions, just reply to this thread or reach out to our support channels via chat, phone, or email.

All the best,

Kerstin K.


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Hi Kerstin,

I understand what dropshipping is and I'm aware of the services/apps through Shopify. What we're trying to do though is sell products from select brands/manufacturers that we partner with -- not random AliExpress brands and such. 

I think I've figured out a solution, thank you.


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Hi Andrew,

We can develop an app for you that does just that. Check out some of our other apps here: https://apps.shopify.com/partners/f13works 

Contact us through our website if you're interested: http://f13works.com

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