Dropshipping - SKU Numbers and Inventory Tracking

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Hi all,

I'm launching a new online shop soon and I'm struggling to find a manageable way to keep track of inventory for 3 different drop shippers and SKUs etc (there is only one space for one SKU in the product section).


Anyone have any ideas/advice? I don't want customers to buy products if they are out of stock (with all suppliers)...


Thanks in advance :)

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Hey there!

There are a couple suggestions I could make in efforts to find a way to manage that.

The main way I would suggest, would be for a way to manage several inventory sources and have them sync into one. This would avoid you having to create a product variation for each supplier and adding extra products in.

There are apps like Jetti  or Stitch Labs that allow you to sync multiple inventories together, and ensure that they are all synced together as orders come in, and giving you easier management for everything you would need for your inventory.

Checking through some other options, you may want to also consider Orderhive, which allows for dropshipping inventory management along with shipping options as well!

That should get you started. :)

Justin L