Dropshipping companies - what are some of the better that are honest & reliable ones ???

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I am new to the world of drop shipping and would like a straightforward and simple method of operating one. I am hoping to sell on Amazon.

I would like to ask you if you know of any good and reliable drop shippers  who will provide  various  incentives such as a website to sell products from, (I have been told that some do)

I am looking for a drop shipping company that will provide me with an automated selling system.

Also I would like to deal with a drop shipper that does not charge a fee.

A drop Shipper that all returns and is not charge a fee to do that or if he does a very minimal one.

I would also add that I live in Canada and do not have any kind of merchant account  but I do have a PayPal account - would a PayPal account be enough to operate a drop shipping business ? Or do I need any kind of account at all ?.

I do expect to be involved in the work but I am trying/hoping to find a method & Co. so that eventually work on my part will minimized but I do  NOT  expect it to be a eliminated, (of course though that would be  nice - ).

Thank you     Craig      


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Dear friend,if you want to sell on Amazon,then you need at least a acount of Amazon to sell your goods.

If you don't want to have any kind of merchant account,you must have a way to sell your goods somewhere.

The simplest way is to begine selling on facebook,then you can operate the business only by Paypal account.You can receive money from your buyer and buy goods from supplier in Paypal.

Now you can publish goods to your facebook account from our site and promote your sale.We are dropshipping wholesale supplier,will supply product and shipping service after your cumstomers bought them from you.

Please feel free to contact with us if you want to become partner of ours.