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I have got a plant nursery with rare medicinal and culinary herbs and perennial edible plants: https://mountainherbs.net/. I am toying with the idea of adding rare herb seeds to the collection in the manner of dropshipping.

Now here is my problem: if I do dropshipany tools or t-shirts the quality of the product is quite obvious. But with rare seeds it is difficult to judge, because some do germinate after a year or two and even if they are viable they might be mislabelled. Any insights or tips? To illustrate what I ask: https://www.reddit.com/r/Aliexpress/comments/61hga1/fake_seeds_everywhere_reported_item_by_me/

Thanks for that!

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Hey, there.


This is Dallas from the Social Care Team. I think that it is great to branch out and try new things.


If you are looking to dropship from other companies you will really want to make sure you start a dialogue with the company. When it comes to choosing a company to work with you want to make sure that you are completely confidant in what you are selling. Unfortunately since this product might take up to two years to start to germinate you are going to really need to rely on your gut and rely on reviews.


Reaching out to the supplier and asking all of your questions is the first place I would suggest you start. If you are starting to feel unsure about that specific during your initial correspondence then you might want to move onto the next dropshipping supplier. If you are feeling confidant with them then maybe do some searching on the internet for reviews from other companies. I can't guarantee that there will be solid reviews for the suppliers, but it is something to definitely look into! Another thing you may want to do is see if you can talk with them on the phone. This way you can make a judgement by voice and tone. Ask them all the questions that you need to ask to make sure that you are solid in your choice!


Now, I can't claim to know much about plants, but I do suggest asking where the seeds come from and how they are stored. Obviously they can lie, but it is still worth asking.




I don't know if you already have some suppliers in mind, but I found a few that might be worth looking into.


Get Dropshippers: Seed Dropshippers has a last of a few companies from a few different companies. There are some that are American too.

I also found a blog post that has a list of a couple more that you may want to look at. 


(Please note, thought, that I can't vouch for any of these)


Have you thought to contact some plant companies who are close to you? It might be worth going to your local plant shop and seeing if they have any suggestions or leads that they can direct you to. That way it is more of a personal connection and might give you more confidence.



I noticed that you are selling medicinal products. What payment provider are you using? The reason that I bring it up is because if you are selling medicinal herbs you wouldn't be able to use Shopify Payments as that would go against the Terms of Service. This link here will take you to the Terms of Service. If you go down to section B. 5. You will see all of the prohibited products.


You are still able to sell on Shopify you would just need to look into a different payment provider to make sure you don't get blacklisted and to make sure that your payments don't get put on hold.


This link here will show you all of the options for different payment providers for Australia. 



I guess my final word of advice that is just a reiteration of what I said would be to do dropshipping of seeds only if you feel 100% comfortable with the product that you are selling. If you are not confidant with the product that you are getting it might be worth just branching out to dropshipping items like shirts or tools as you originally said.


I hope that helps! If you have any more questions about this or about anything else please do let me know.



P.s. I noticed that one of the products that you have doesn't have an image with it.





Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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