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Hey, everybody.

I'm thinking of opening a dropshipping shop with Shopify. But first of all, I wanted to know what are the advantages of having my Dropshipping shop linked to Shopify? I'm here because I have doubts to start with, so I did some research on this subject and I came across the article from Dropshippingfrance that talks about the advantages of Dropshipping Shopify? Well, I want to know what you think of this article because I'm going to start as soon as possible! Is what is said in this article true? Actually, I find it tempting to start if it's true. I didn't think it was that simple! Or can you give me more information about "Dropshipping Shopify" so I can make my decision?

Thank you for your attention


Hi @Jules2341 

You want to confirm the advantages mentioned in that article about shopify dropshipping is true or not? 

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