Dropshipping supplier in U.S. for coffee products

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Does anyone have any leads for wholesale or dropshipping suppliers in the U.S. for coffee products? Things I am looking for are mugs, cups, grinder, apparel, accessories, coffee blends, beans, unique stuff within the industry and possibly coffee makers depending on what kind.

Just trying to source my products within the U.S. for my store. Y'all can check it out if you want to get a feel for what I'm going for.



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Hi, Christopher!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I really like the choice of mugs that you selected on your website, they look very unique! I'm not sure if you already know but you can actually add a product image to your variants. Your Cozy Deer Christmas Mug, for instance, has two variants - the Lace Finish and the Sweater Finish. If you add variant images to your product page, when your customer selects the Sweater Finish for example - this will make the product image of the sweater appear. 

Here are the steps to set that up:

1) Login to your Shopify admin.

2) Click Products on the left sidebar.

3) Click on the product that you would like to edit - in this case the Cozy Deer Christmas Mug.

4) Using my test store as an example, I have a T-shirt that comes in multiple sizes in Black and White. When you scroll down the page to where it says Variants, you can see these grey boxes on the left side.

5) When you click on one of the grey boxes you will be able to add the variant image to that product. 

6) You will need to repeat these steps for all of your product variants.

Next to answer the question that you asked! The best and also the most economical travel mug that I have come across is from a company called Contigo that is based in Chicago. Their products are in a within a good price range. I had the $11.99 Snapseal one until my husband misplaced his and now he has claimed mine as his own. They have the option to become a reseller on their website.

There are several coffee companies in the United States that are small businesses that do fair trade and/or organic coffee that you may want to consider. Not to push fair trade or organic, I'm mainly suggesting this because like you, these companies have a lot of heart behind their brand and even if they do not say specifically that they do dropshipping on their websites, many of them have the option to resell their products and may be open to dropshipping with your business. 

I've seen a company based in the United States before called CoffeeSock that sells organic cloth coffee filters that are made in the USA and come in a variety of different sizes.

I read an article called 14 Fair Trade Coffee Brands Worth Waking Up For and many of them are located in the United States. If you visit the company websites you can find out more about their businesses and contact them directly.

Have a great day and best wishes with your store!

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