Dropshipping - what are some of the better Honest & reliable ones ???

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I am new to the world of drop shipping and would like a straightforward and simple method of operating one.


I would like to ask you if you know of any good , reliable & honest drop shippers  who will provide  various  incentives such as a website to sell products from, (I have been told that some do)


I am hoping for a drop shipping company that will provide me with an automated selling system.


Also I would like to deal with a drop shipper that does not charge a fee.


I should mention I know the basic concept of  drop shipping  BUT  I would like a simplified explanation of how to go about operating a drop shipping business .


I would also add that I live in Canada and do not have any kind of merchant account  but I do have a PayPal account - would a PayPal account be enough to operate a drop shipping business ?


I do expect to be involved in the work but I am trying/hoping to find a method & Co. so that eventually work on my part will minimized but I do  NOT  expect it to be a eliminated, (of course though that would be a nice - J).


Thank you     Craig