Dropshipping with my own suppliers

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Hi !


I am working for a start-up that dropships zero waste products in europe. We dropship with our own suppliers via shopify. For now we haven't found a good app to handle dropshipping. They all offer their products, wich is not something we want. Do you guys know an app that would be perfect for us ?


We only use our own suppliers and we would like payment and orders to be automatic.


Thank you !

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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders https://apps.shopify.com/simple-po was designed exactly for this purpose.

Simple PO allows your retailers to add suppliers for products and store cost prices for them.

They can then generate a purchase order from an order which is then sent to you with the customer's address included.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask

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Thank you for your reply, during my reaserches I discoverd your app, we are
now using it !
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Hi, can I ask how you found a supplier that is zero-waste or who it is you work with? I would love to move in the direction of zero-waste as much as I can! Thanks
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Hey Louise!


We produce the worlds first sustainable phone cases with the scent of nature. We will just introduce the 0-packing option and our recycling program to take care of what we produce.


Shipping is from Slovenia, Europe, worldwide (fully trackable and fast).

No problems so far since we offer stellar service and support ;)

website: www.mmore.net

Send us an email for dropshipping to: info@mmore.net

Also available on Spocket app on Shopify now for easy listing integration.


Br, Ziga