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Hi guys, I'm here because I'm super new to Ecommerce and I really need some guidance from more experienced people. Since starting this venture, I've been studying for hours upon hours on how to make some money for my family through dropshipping but I feel like with all the resources I look up (guides and videos) I'm still very confused about shipping.

Recently I ordered a sample product through alibaba (so I could get my feet wet) and they told me they were going to ship it to me via "freight prepaid." I agreed, purchased the item, and I payed for the shipping with trade assurance over alibaba. 

I've come to find that the shipment was "DAP" which I believe means I have to unload it and clear it through customs?

I'm confused because I find it logistically complicated to have to go and find a forwarder to pick up my product as well as hire a broker for import bonds and customs clearance just for such a small item. I read that there was something about importing items that if they are under $800 I don't have to pay customs fees and what not. Still, does this mean I have to arrange for a party to pick up my items? If that's the case I still don't know what port that my samples have entered through, I honestly can't find a tracking number or anything.

here's a screen shot of my invoice.




(I erased some of my sensitive information)

I know you're suppose to look online for information first, and i have been, I mean I just feel like I'm going in circles with the information that i've been looking up.

Thank you for your time guys 

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Hi @HesitantHexane 


Alibaba is a wholesale platform. You should use Aliexpress for dropshipping. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi @HesitantHexane, welcome to the community! I can understand with so much information over the net, it can be overwhelming at times. Yes, you are correct. DAP or DDU shipping means the receiver is responsible to settle any charges in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered to the customer while in case of DDP, the sender is responsible for paying the duties beforehand. You will have to pay custom fees for international packages irrespective of the price point of your shipment. Mostly, customs will forward the package to an independent broker from where it needs to be collected after clearing the duties and brokerage fees if any and give you a call to clear the dues. Hope this helps!

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Hey @HesitantHexane, Jacob here, here's a quick 101 basics on drop shipping:

1. Choosing your product: Search for promotional terms such as "2 for the price of 1" or " 20% or 50% off" or "buy now" over Facebook/Instagram and use that as a criteria towards finding a popular (sure to sell) product (try to use local suppliers if you can to avoid long shipping time)

2. Marketing is very important, target ads (Facebook ads) and promotional offers really encourage buyers to view your product and page. Shopify is a great marketing platform to build your store.

3. Shipping your orders (fulfillment services) should be done using a third party platform, so you can focus on the marketing and branding of your store. I like to use Fulfyld or AliExpress

4. Testing your product. There are many ways to test a product. The simplest would be setting a deadline for when you would expect the products to "succeed" in. If the outcome is not up to your standard, then you know not to continue investing all your energy into that one and move on.