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We have a 6 month old store, www.somerfordcountry.co.uk , which is beginning to pick up quite nicely.  

The one real challenge we have at the moment is we work a combination of onhand stock, plus supplier stock.  We have 3 main suppliers, who we buy from either for onhand stock or back to back ordering.  They do not do drop shipping today, but may in the future.

A fair number of our products evolve over time, with manufacturing runs done then stock avialable until sold.  There is very few manufacturing re runs done, so when an item is out of stock with the supplier, it is gone for good.  

About 60% of our orders contain something we need to place a back to back order for.  Unfortunately we find that many times the stock is no longer available and we dissapoint the customer.  Not good at all.

We can get EDI feed from suppliers for their stock, however we need to be able to combine this with our own to ensure all products are listed that are available.  We hold stock of some items the supplier is now out of too.

How can we do this in Shopify?  I am concerned after reading through the requests and blogs that this is an area Shopify don't seem to enhance, and as yet I have found no workaround except for enabling a solution like Brightpearl which is many X the price of shopify and not what our business needs to spend as we grow.


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Hi Toby,

It is Akos from Syncee. 

We can help you to resolve your issue. Please check and install our app Syncee here: