FREE for Shipping Store

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HI, I am new to Shopify and I have undergone a small training through a course about Dropshiping model of business where in we will haev to built a store front with one product as FREE for Shipping and then include other products as upsells.

The product will be sourced from Aliexpress then when get orders will be directly shipping to customer through Aliexpress.

Once the store is built we will be taking up Facebook ads and drive traffic to the specific FREE product and there by try to get upsells as well.

This is whole idea.

After taking the course I created a store tragetting Pet Cat niche and followed exactly as told in the course. I did the facebook ad as well, I am getting good visits i.e traffic but one of them are converting i.e no one has ordered FREE for shipping product nor any upsells. I am not sure if this wll be success or failure.

Can anyone tell if anyone have done these kind of website i.e FREE for shipping? I have create a store anyway just check at and let me know valuable inputs.

If anyone has used thi then do share your work whic wll give me moral boost, by the way I am from India and I am as of now targeting US custoemrs.