Facebook ad sales stops after 2 days

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Hello Guys


I had a product, and made 11 Sales at the 3. Day. Then the 4. Day I made only one Sale. With a second Product the same. 

Should I close the fb ad or wath? Could it do better tomorrow or is it not normal that it stops?


Greets and thanks



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Its so hard to pin point who is controlling our visibility. I can't say it's Facebook because they make money off of your ads. But here's what I noticed eversince Shopify changed the Admin section last week my store and sales has been affected negatively. It has been straight one week that we don't have a single sale. It has never happened since we opened our online store years ago. It is very frustrating, ive reach out to them but all they can say is they couldn't see anything wrong with our store's settings and that everything is working fine I call BS. An online store that consistently getting sales/orders doesn't just stopped getting sales all of a sudden. Shopify is messing with our settings so we would go to them and they will recommend us to use their paid Services.


Hi @Jellybean 

Your ads working well now? 

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