Finding Correct Men's Clothing Sizes | Is It A Nightmare?

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Hi All,

I'm a complete newb. I'm hoping for clemency if you have all seen this asked a million times before. I am putting together a men's clothing store and started to wonder about the difference in sizing between Asian and European men's sizes. That led to me fretting about all the potential returns and what a nightmare it could be.

So I thought I would pop over to the forums for the first time, do a search, and have a look see if I could get some info. What I found was a severe case of too much information.

  • one result had 45,726 results;
  • the other had 74,149 results.

I came to the conclusion, that since I don't have 247 years left in this body to pilfer through that number of results, I would add to them and start a new topic in the hope a generous person or two might be able to help.

Thanks in advance.