Finding Products to Sell on Amazon?

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I have a Shopify store up but want to also sell my products on Amazon.  From what I understand you have to either sell your own label brand or have permission to sell other label brands on Amazon.  There are several services like Modalyst that offer brand products but I am not sure if should sell these brand products on Amazon?  


How do you find products to sell on Amazon?  Amazon does not seem to let you post a product without an actual brand linked to it.  If I search for similar postings they are often a bit different or are from a branded label so not sure if I can post?


If anyone can direct me to where I might get products to sell on Amazon?

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Hello, do you mean find some products to sell on Amazon? You can wholesale the wanted products as you like, online wholesale and offline wholesale is okay.

My friend tell me a wonderful wholesale platform which calls KFbuy, I think you can have a try.