First Order - It is totally screwed up!

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I have some items in my store that I uploaded from Oberlo and AliExpress. I cannot get the bulk of what my store is supposed to be selling but there are a few periphery type items I can sell from Oberlo so I pushed those to my store just to get started until I can get what I really need to be able to sell.

However, now that I've received my first order, I can see that the settings I've chosen have led to a calamity of the ordering process. Because pricing from items at Oberlo and AliExpress are ever changing, I thought it made sense to process the orders manually, not set them up for automated processing. But now that I have an order, it appears the only thing I can do is order the item myself (independently of Oberlo), from AliExpress, and hope that the customer does not receive the invoice indicating the wholesale price that I purchased it for. Exacerbating the situation, the AliExpress supplier has increased the price of the item, just in the few hours between the time my customer placed an order and I noticed it and began trying to fulfill the order. 

If I go into Shopify admin now, and change the setting to automated ones, will this correct the problem for this order? And if not, how else do I correct it? Apparently, because I had it set to place the orders manually, I cannot now place the order through Oberlo and AliExpress. The order is there at Oberlo but the orange AliExpress button to fulfill the order is not there. This being the case, there is no other way I can see there to order it, aside from ordering it myself independent of Oberlo. This will lead to a myriad of other disasterous issues - my customer will see the original invoice. This in turn publishes information about where they and anyone could get merchandise of any sort at prices that beat any online wholesaler, and I'm guessing the item might not be ordered in the correct colr this way , it will take even longer, and if there is any problem wherein the customer wants to return the order we'll be even more screwed up. 


Yes indeed, I'm not sure I could've screwed it up worse if I deliberately set it up that way by design. Any suggestions for fixing this are needed. Thanks.