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I am trying to envision the whole process and I guess I'm getting hung up on what happens after customs. Mybe someone can clear a few things up for me.

My scenario inclued over seas shipping. I want to make available a product only found in the UK. So lets say some one makes a purchase from my shopify store. The manufacturer ships over seas and it lands in customs. From there who takes over? Is it the manufacturers responsibility to provide a shipment method to the door step or is that up to the buyer to decide how they want their product shipped once it reaches their country?

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This is a broad topic and can be addressed a number of ways.  Depending on the size and value of what you're shipping most customers purchasing online probably expect it to arrive at the door without them having to do anything else.  For you to achieve this you're selling on DDP terms (look into INCOTERMS) - we don't often use terms like this in patron commerce, but more common in commercial/international shipping.  One option I would suggest is to find a freight forwarder/shipping agent in UK (local or international firm) that can arrange all of your international shipments for you (such as TNT, DHL, FEDEX)  A freight forwarder can take care of all the shipping costs and customs on behalf of seller up to delivered place (doorstep buyer) and you can reimburse the forwarder for those.  Depending what you sell however this may not be cut and dry - and customs procedures and import regulations (duties, licensing, permits) is always set by the importing country.