Fullfilment Dropshipping - US to US but based in the UK?

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Apologies if this is the wrong forum! I would be very grateful for some advice.

I am relatively new to business, having become a small time sole trader a few months back. UK to UK is no problem, I'm all set up with HMRC so I have no worries. I am artist, and mostly sell prints of my work. I do not do the printing - I use fullfilment dropship companies who print and send my work directly to my customers.

However, with US orders, rather than printing in the UK and sending overseas, I have been using US fullfillment companies. Exactly the same as i do with the UK, but this way the prints get to my US customers quicker and it is largely a lot cheaper.

Now, I am not a company. I am self employed small sole trader. I am not affliated with the fullfillment company I use in the US, I just make use of their services as to do many others. I do not keep any stock in the US as it's printed on demand, and I have no presence in the US what so ever.

How does this work from a tax perspective? Being self employed, I was just going to record the income and expenditure exactly the same as my UK orders, and pay my tax to the UK. Do I need to pay anything to the US?? Having a quick look, it seems that I don't as I have no presence in the US, no company, and keep no stock. I am also not a reseller, as this is my own work, just printed using a US fullfillment company. I was just going to treat it exactly as if I was printing in the UK and sending overseas.

Can anyone advise? Again, I would really appreciate any help on this at all!