Funding for a image consulting/boutique business

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Ok, so here is my story. I have founded this company on 2009. I never knew what i was doing I had a non functional website using a blog software and all sales i would make were trough a flea market up until a little over a year ago when I got fed up with flea market rules and moved the business home. Every since I have been implementing, event planning (live fashion shows, live auctions for over stock items... and etc) everything I have been doing so far since I moved my business home have been online and in my home.

What I would like to do now is: I would like to have more events and include local people, make up artists, local designers (people I already buy from but I would like them to have a live workshop at the even) I would like to be ae to host these events starting at hotel ballrooms and moving up to bigger venues once things take more traction. That way I am increasing brand awareness in the country. (Canada) And also serving a local cause. 

Bottom line. I have a lot of ideas that need funding. I would like to look for either A silent partnet who is willing to invest $20.000. For equity or even just royalty plus interest. Or somebody in the marketing business (with the same investment as, bottom line, you need money to make money) who could also help me promote my events.