GUYS ! Iam facing a big problem with This Dropshipping Ebay , Alixpress .....

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Hello Friends,
Hope Yall doing good .
I start my website a month ago and I recive a lot of orders , I start doing it manully for each order I go to ebay or alixpress and do it one by one to send the item to my costumers , but paypal keep puting the payment as hold and my credit card too not taking many transction one day , I called paypal and my bank &there is no way to fix it.
I start contacting this sellers one by one asking them to do abussniss together , SoI will send them all the orders in one file then they send me an invoice to paypal . BUT NO ONE WANT TO DO IT  ??????
My costumers waiting for the product ??? whatIm ganna doo :(
I quit my job already to start this bussniss , any help pleaaaaseeeee ??? 

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Welcome to why experienced ecommerce professionals hate Paypal.

Just wait until they tell you that you can't transfer money out of your account.