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I've been awhile now thinking to create my own PC Games CD-Keys store. I've contacted a CD Key Wholesaler and they given prices and everything that I need. But I don't know how to deal with other methods.

How do I work on Terms of Service and policy ? Return/Order Cancel ? is there any guide or anything to help me solve this ?

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Hi Myn!

To set up the Terms of Service you would want to follow this guide. Once you add your Terms of Service text I would also recommend making it into a page by doing this. After that, you'll need to decide where you want to put the Terms of Service page. Most put it into their Footer by doing this.

If you want customers to agree to your ToS before paying for their items, you can set this up by following this guide.


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I'm looking for a cd keys supplier for my store can you help me to find one?

Hi @Myn 


Could you please share your supplier details? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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May I ask who is your CD key wholesaler?I heard some scandals about the marketplaces like G2A for video games, CD-keys, and codes. The thing was that in these stores people buy keys with stolen credit cards and the developers don't get any money. This is a huge problem, especially for indie game developers like Gearbox Software, TinyBuild, etc. I've read on that Descenders' designer asked players on Twitter not to buy CD keys in such stores. Anyway, you can keep going with your idea just check out first if everything is legal.



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