Gluten free skin care affiliate program. Residual income, no selling.

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My wife and I started a Gkuten Free skin care line in 2010. We have a few affiliates, we might be looking to take on more affiliates. Typically people have no idea they might be gluten intolerant or Celiac. Which means they would not know that there is gluten in most skin care products. Gluten free skin care is still in its infancy stage, with little to no competition as compared to organic and natural skin care products which have been around and are a bit longer. Our products are also all natural. If you are interested check out our site Read our testamonials. We pay 25+% commission on all referrals. We are not MLM however you are allowed to have 1 tier under you which you get 2% commision on their sales. We ship, package, handle payments and returns. No package to buy, or started kit.