Gymwear/Fitnesswear dropshipping and fulfilment service required

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Hi guys,

I'm new start up company and I'm looking for a supplier of high quality gym wear (similar look to bee inspired / gym kings) for both men and women.

I'm looking to have my own brand, so printing and embroidery on my own labels to be drop shipped.

Ideally, the supplier will be UK based for fulfilment and customer services enquiries as well as returns/replacements but I'm open to ideas.

If anyone can help, please do get in touch via email on

Many thanks,

Paul Saleh

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Hi @FitnessAttire! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket. 


Have you had the chance to search for the gymwear/activewear items you need on Spocket's catalog? We have quite a number of suppliers from the US who can ship in 1-3 days, 3-5 days, or 4-7 days. Please find some selections I found below:






While we currently don't offer adding merchants' branding on items, this is something we're looking into adding so dropshippers like you can do more on the app. In the meantime, the selection of gymwear/activewear we have might be of interest to you. You can look for the items that suit your preferences yourself by simply signing-up for free on Spocket's official website! This gives you access to the catalog where you can freely search and view items - to import, you'd have to subscribe to a plan.


I'd also like to invite you to join Spocket's official Facebook group so you can learn more about the platform and engage with other dropshippers to get leads and even feedback.


Hello @FitnessAttire 


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