HELP! My supplier does not do blind shipping (not from aliexpress) and I can't find anyone else.

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I run a dropship candle store, but my supplier does not do blind shipping due to restrictions by USPS. Her company name, and URL  are all over the product imagies. For some reason I thought this could work, but I am starting to have serious doubts. I thought about editing out her companies name with manga studios, but they would still be on the package, and products.

The reason why I chose to find a supplier outside of aliexpress is beacuse they do not sell any soy candles, as I refuse to sell anything that was made with animals (I am vegan for moral reasons) and so I was desperate to find someone outside of aliexpress. Unfourtunatly, she was litterally the only one who sold soy candles with a large collection of them. Also, I dont use paraffin candles beacuse they are toxic.

In a recent email, she told me that none of her dropship partners have made a sell in over 2 years, and there are over 200 of them. I thought I could make this work anyways due to the fact that I am currently learning marketing in collage, and the fact that I have read quite a few blogs on how to market your store.

I spent 3 months working on my store before opening it. I put alot of effort into it, and so the idea of just shutting it down is quite upsetting.

What should I do?