Hello.. I changed supplier.. but it sends products with 'Aliexpress' on it

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I changed supplier because it was cheaper ( 2 euro per item). But now it sends package with 'Aliexpress' on it. I descovered that on my test order. But I already sold and sent 46 products of it.


Anyone has ever had this? And does it make people return item?


Would love to hear :)

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Hi @ja153! Gabby here from Spocket's Community Engagement team.


Which supplier did you switch to? Since you mentioned AliExpress, I assume it would either be a supplier from China or a platform that gives you access to mostly supplies in China. Is this a particular issue for you? In terms of the refund, it depends on the policies of your supplier or the dropshipping platform.


In any case, if your customers knowing you ship with AliExpress is an issue for you, might I suggest checking Spocket out? It's also a dropshipping app that gives you access to thousands of products from a bunch of suppliers mainly coming from the EU and the US. With this set up, the quality of products are topnotch and shipping times are generally fast, usually 3-5 days depending on your preferences.




You can learn more about the platform by heading on over to Spocket's website. Feel free to also ask me questions about it here!


Hello @ja153 


It is not much big issue to make customers return the item.  Some customers may compare your price and Aliexpress price and come with a dispute for price variation. 


But they will not come back to your store for the next orders. They visit Aliexpress directly.  



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