Hello, New Here. What to ask the supplier ?

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OK, so I found a niche and a drop shipping supplier. 

What I've to ask him? how the get the max and best partnership?

First, I have to build my site and then contact him ? or first of all, i should have products to list?

if one of my customers hurt from the product, who have the responsibility?

Thank you for any information.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello, I would be happy to shed some light on your drop shipping business.

It's great that you have found a supplier for your products! I would say securing a partnership with them and making sure you have a product to list and sell is more important than having the site first. 

You will want to ask the drop shipper for images and information on the products you are interested in selling. You will need to establish your fees and payment terms with them also. 

Also, check out our Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping.

As for what "Responsibilities" your business would have, I would talk to a lawyer about that.

Have a great day.

Have a great day, Dumitro R. Support Guru Shopify