Help setting up my Wholesale checkout options and taxes

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I have my retail store set up and am in the processing of setting up my wholesale option.  Here are my issues:

-  Wholesale customers will be invoiced outside the online store so need to have that as a checkout option.  I can add a custom checkout option called "Invoice Me", but from everything I've gathered so far, the only way to do that without the retail customers also seeing that option is to set up a second store (this would create all kinds of issues, including managing inventory).

-  Wholesale customers will, of course, not be charged tax.  Is there a way to set up wholesale customers to not be charged tax?  (I'm located in Ohio and have wholesale customers in both this state and other states across the country).

I have installed the app Customer Pricing, which seems great both for retail and wholesale pricing levels, but I'd like to hear what others have done for their checkout options and regarding the taxing issue.