Help us Improve our US Drop-shipping offer of Premium Men's Fashion

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Hi Guys,

We are currently offering Product Packages of High-End men's clothing under the form of a csv file that you import into your shopify store. Instantly products including pricing, descriptions, HD pictures SKU# are populated in your store. Our packages regroup a large selection of products dropshipped from our warehouse in California. We also synchronize your store with our live inventory datafeed. Check our website:

We are interested in hearing from you what are the difficulties you are a facing today with your dropshipping businesses as far as product assortment, product quality / customer satisfaction rate, dropshipment ordering process, return management, logistic, profitability... and so on...

Let us know what is your global experience with dropshipping of apparel goods, especially what works really well or really bad for you.

Thanks in advance for sharing your story!