Hi Guys! Jayden from India. If you guys need a contact to buy stuff from, I can be your sourcing agent.

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Hey there guys, 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I understand how hard it is to make sure you are getting exatcly what you want. It becomes even harder when you are trying to source merchandise from overseas. I am based in jaipur, India and I deal in 4 major areas.

1. Jewellery : Been doing it since I hit teenage years, it's my family profession too.

2. Textiles: Big thing right now, bedhseets, T-shirts and all sorts of apparals. 

3. Handicrafts: have always been big.

4. Custom Product : ANything else you might need. 

You guys can contact me at jayjalvi@gmail.com or comment here and I ll get back to you!


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send me some samples of what I could source at idea@autumnfare.com, and possible margins