Hidden Sales Products

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Hello everyone,

I am creating a new store and I had the idea to give a free gift (just pay shipping of course) to people who sign up for the newsletter. 

I was wondering if anyone could help with figuring out how I might go about doing it.

What I want to do is have a... questionaire for what their favorite outdoor activity might be which would put someone in a specific email list so I can send them specific products in the future which would then send them an email with 2 or 3 free plus shipping product links.

So I would like to create a collection(s) that will be hidden where all the products are free (discounted to zero) that is hidden from view of standard customers, only in view to those who click through the email links, but I also want the products to be available for sale at normal price on my site.

Does anyone happen to know how to make this work? Any help will be appreciated. 

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Great idea, I think it is easy to do for any shopify expert.