Home Manufactured and Isn't a Patent Necessary before selling on-line?

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I came up with a new household cleaning product that I cannot live without... (Needed a way to scrub certain containers, designed and made it myself (I call it Bottle Buddies).  Now I use it to clean every glass or container I own!   I haven't been able to find anything like it and It far and exceeds any current products being (believe it or not) cleans better, faster and with less effort!   It also takes up less space.

I have a marketing plan via Ecomm. website, GoogleAds etc. as well as contacting Housekeeping Associations and Magazines.  I also plan to have a local pharmaceautical company test my scrubber out on their multi-sized/shaped chemical bottles to get their reaction?

Question:  Before I begin to market my product and because I make these myself one-at-a-time, should I look for a Manufacturer, or better, obtain  machienery to manufacturer the product myself?  If so, whats the best way to procure financing?  It is a relatively simple design just putting certain pre-made items together in a new way?

Also, shouldn't I at least obtain a provisional patent prior to selling via website etc.?  If so, what percentage of business would I give to the investor (for initial $12k patent)?  (ps:  again...  where to find this investor?)

I greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions!

Bottle Buddy