How can I be a supplier and let Wholesale Customers Drop-Ship from me to their Brick and Mortar or to the End Consumer directly?

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  This is my first post in the forums.

My products are not something that the brick and mortar stores want to invest in. At the same time it is a product that their customers want and need. The profit margins are just not there for the owners to invest in via wholesale, plus we sell multiple models, and they never know which model will sell the most. So there is no way to keep our products on the brick and mortar shelf.

 I want to be a supplier and give my wholesale customers an easy way to drop-ship from my online store. When I search dropship all I see is how to drop-ship as if I was the one selling someone elses products.

Can anyone please point me in the direction of how to let retail brick and mortar stores place orders on my website easily for their customers?

At the same time I would like the Brick and Mortar stores able to pay us from the customer directly if they wish to do so. I would like the customer to have the option of picking up the item in store or shipped to their residence.  I do not know if a card reader is possible in this situation, but it would be amazing.

Can someone give me some info on this or point me to some possible solution for my endeavors? 

Is this possible with Shopify or a Shopify App?

I think finding a solution for this may be the next huge step on taking my business to the next level.

I appreciate you for taking the time and I appectiate Shopify for running a great service. Thank you!




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Hi Travis,

I have a private wholesale app that allows retailers to place B2B orders with you (either on account or by credit card) for items they showroomed and sold offline. The dealer can specify whether the consumer comes back to the store or they can have the item shipped directly to the consumers home for improved convenience.

Let me know if interested in an exploratory chat with a reply.

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Hi Travis,


Syncee has a supplier directory, where we can integrate your products. This directory is seen by other Shopify merchants who can import your products to their store and sell it for their customers.


If this opportunity is of interest for you, please get in touch with us for more information.