How can I create a wholesale clothing site to sell in packs

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We have a regular clothing website and everything is fine. But we want to have a whole sale site where we can sell in packs. So 1 item or pack would be for example (1 small, 2 medium, 2 large, 1 extra large).

At first I tried to make a custom size, but that didn't work and the size label was cut off. Possibly we can fix the style to allow large size text, but then we ran into another problem is we need to have inventory by size.

Say we ship that pack and they want to return 1 medium, we need to be able to easily refund only 1 medium of the order. Inventory would also be an issue if we just tried to lump a pack as 1 item.

I'm guessing maybe shopify isn't the best for this and we'd have to do a wholesale website. I've looked at some add-ons but they don't seem like they'd work. Any suggestions?