How can I receive money on Shopify? How can I link my paypal and accept credit cards?

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Hi, I'm a language student in China but I'm originally from the Philippines so my bank is in the Philippines. I'm planning to get a side hustle and do drop shipping. My target is mostly the US.  Problem is, I don't know how to receive payments through credit card or how to connect my PayPal. And if ever I'll connect my Paypal to Shopify, should I register for a business account in Paypal to get verified in Shopify?

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Hey, shaunhenricktan.


I’m Lizzy, a Guru on Shopify’s support team.


This page here lists all of the payment gateways we currently have an integration with for businesses operating out of China. You can use any of these options to accept payments on your online store, if your business fits into their requirements.


To answer your question, yes you would need a business account with PayPal to be able to connect to Shopify. Most personal accounts can be upgraded, or you can create a separate account for business purposes. You can reach out to PayPal for more information on starting a business account with them!  Depending on your account set up with PayPal you can use it to offer payment options to customers with or without PayPal accounts. This way you could accept money from credit cards or other sources to be deposited directly into your PayPal account. This page from our Help Center explains how to connect your PayPal account to Shopify.


If you'd like to offer other options on your site gateways in this list, like Oceanpayment for example, are able to process credit cards. For more information on how these gateways will work, and if they'll be able to support a bank account in the Philipines you can reach out to them directly. This page here explains how to connect a third party gateway other than PayPal, if you choose to use one of these.


Choosing the right gateway for your business is important, as this is how you will get paid. Make sure to read any terms and conditions or reach out to ask any questions you have before choosing the best option for you. Some gateways will have rules on what type of products can be sold through them. What sort of products are you planning on dropshipping with your store? Have you had a chance to think about how you'll set up your pricing to cover the cost of your items and shipping?


Please let me know if you have any questions about what I've said!


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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I don't see how there'd be a problem with PayPal linking to a Shopify dropship store.  As far as I know, a business account is free.  I created one, not knowing if I had to, and it didn't cost anything and wasn't difficult at all.  It's similar to a personal account, but a few more and different fields to fill (business name, contact, etc).  I use my personal email, and phone number, and there's only a PayPal fee for transactions, which is already built into Shopify (2.9% + $0.30) for a basic plan.  If it's another fee on top of it for PayPal, then I'd be interested in getting a different transaction network.  All in all, I highly suggest using a different platform than Shopify if it's only a basic plan.  It's more than likely the service is going to be atrocious, and dropshipping is far more limited in scope and cost than other platforms offer.  There's opencart, an open source e-commerce platform for building a store, which is free itself, but requires hosting, which is actually cheaper than a basic Shopify plan if the right service is found.  There's also 3dcart, which is cheaper for a basic plan, and includes a free .com domain name, plus a huge number of other features.  Do a bit of research on other platforms before deciding on Shopify.  It sounds popular and great, but it's not as great as that sounds.  Trust me, my experience so far with trying to simply create and launch a store on Shopify is a bad one.  It's more trouble than its worth, especially if budget and not knowing where to start is a concern.