How can drop shipping business work using Shopify?

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~~I plan to start a drop shipping business; selling products from retailers who will be keeping and shipping their own inventory after I give them an order from my site.I am going to have products shipped from the retailers with a return address customized to the my business ( the customer will only see my company's name and not know the products was shipped by the dropshipper)

I am going to use Shopify to test the market.

My question is: How will I do this business using Shopify? 
Can someone walk me through steps from when a customer place an order, notifying the retailer, paying the retailer and   how can retailer upload tracking?

I am a bit confused. Thanks for your help.

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Hi, Doreen I can answer your question for you! When ever your customer buy a product from your website all you do is place the order that they are ordering. You go to you dropshippers website place the order for your customer put in their mailing address let your supplier know that this is drop shipping. The product will ship to you customer with your company info only! Your customer will know nothing of your dropshippers location! Keep up with me on twitter I am a Start-Up Tech for E-Commerce You can as anything ! Kieva

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Hi Doreen. Did you manage to set up your shopfy store? 

Read my 2 articles to understand how dropshipping on shopify can work. 

You will need to add products manually or upload another shops inventory to your own. 

You can do this by going to your inventory then clicking import.

After you finish importing you can then configure your categories to suit you shop. 

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