How do i set up wholesale on my shopify store

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Hello , i currently have a shopify store for retail but would like to add a seperate login for wholesale . can anyone suggest how to do this . i cant just discount as it varies per product. thank you 

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If you need a seperate login for customers you'd be looking at opening a dedicated account. So you'd have two Shopify stores - one for general retail and the other for wholesale.

There is a wholesale channel - but that's only on Shopify Plus at the moment and and available on the smaller plans.

Some apps can assist with the pricing, but they'll fall short of your need to have two seperate logins.

I jump on these forums to help and share some insights. Not looking to be hired, and not looking for work.

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Hi Brooklan Tree,

If you want to sell wholesale, you should definitely conisder dropshipping as well. Not only are resellers more likely to try your product before committing to a large wholesale purchase, you'll enjoy better margins on the items you sell. 

If you're intersted in drop shipping, check out Mothership. It's an app I built that gives Shopify stores all of the backend functionality that they need to be come a drop ship vendor. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like a demo. 



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Hi there!


I know this post is over a year old, but I wanted to let anyone that comes across this know that we have developed a B2B focused wholesale solution, which is fully integrated with your Shopify ecosystem. It is actually a "sales channel" app, just like the "online store" or "point of sale" are each sales channels. You can set up logins for your customers, and choose if they have access to the catalog.


For an overview of features, check out the homepage:


It's free to install, so feel free to take it for a spin at


If anyone is interested in trying this out, feel free to get in touch at Here are a few screenshots, which outline a few of the apps features!