How do the major online retail stores do it?

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Hi Guys,


I'm just curious if anyone can tell me how major online clothing stores like Showpo, Bohoo, Asos all manage their stock and distribution. Are they wholesale/importing/dropshipping on a really large playing field? Or are they deisgner-manufacturers of their own stock? Basically I've come to realise that dropshipping in womens fashion in particular is really cut throat and near impossible to swing due to stores like the above mentioned, for the mere fact that they are offering at prices which are comparaible to most dropshipping markups and also that they have the ability to ship express within days - as opposed to weeks? I'd just like to know if they are basically holding their own stock/using fulfilment centres to do this or if there's a secret way which I'm not aware about? The drop shipping method for this just aint working for me.

Appreciate any insider info on this one please.

Looks like I'm going to be changing my niche....again. doh!

Kind Regards