How do you deal with multiple suppliers when orders come through?

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I am using Oberlo for pulling my products from Aliexpress. I have about 5 specific shops I use on Ali and what do I do if a person orders a variety of items but they are all from different Ali shops? I don't want them to have to receive  several different parcels at different times. Any solutions for this that are simple? Thanks!

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey there! 

David here, Shopify Guru. 

I did a bit of digging on Oberlo's end for you in regards to this. 

It seems that your customers will receive multiple packages with your different items when they are being sold from multiple different stores across AliExpress through the Oberlo application. One of Oberlo's staff goes into this a bit here. 

It seems that the reasoning behind is that it helps with faster shipping times to get your products to your customers faster! It doesn't seem that they offer any workaround or combined packaging options for this at the moment! If you feel it's something that would worry your customers, might be something worth making clear to the customers on their order :)

Have a nice week! 

David W | Shopify Guru