How to Generate AliExpress invoices for tax purposes?

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Just to make it clear here.

You don't have to connect your store to use . This is an additional feature so you can actually connect your AliExpress orders to your shopify orders.


Using our server to process the orders actually gives us multiple advantages over just a chrome extension. 

  1. You only have to run the export once and you can create an infinit number of invoices without running the slow export again.
  2. You can filter your invoices. Not only by date but also by supplier and products.
  3. Create statistics of your orders.
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Regarding our GDPR compliance here is our privacy policy:


Why is Profitario Free? Profitario itself is not free, just the invoice generator is free. We would love it if you upgrade to our full version with shopify integration but you don't have to. You can create as many invoices as you like.