How to Structure Deal with Manufacturer

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I just spoke to the manufacturer of the key product that caused me to create a store. They don't have wholesalers and sell the product direct to businesses. I want to sell to consumers through my storefront on Shopify and help promote this product nationally (for now). I love the product. How do I frame the conversation to negotiate a deal? The sales person said I would be in competition with them. They are regional-only in stores (mainly midwest) even though they have a website because all the items are still grouped and sold in bulk (not for consumer purchasers). Am I wrong in thinking their approach is still very B2B? What are my proposal options here? Do I want to be a wholesaler? We didn't even get to a drops-ship discussion as I'm figuring they will want me to just buy in bulk to get my discounts, and I don't want to carry inventory at this time. Help! I'm SO new.

P.S. Yes, I've read everything on ecommerce university, and also done some searching. Just would really benefit from a quick conversation to help me get started since I usually come from the marketing (post-product) side of the fence.

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Have you searched for other companies who carry what it is you're wanting to sell? I assume the answer's yes. lol

I personally would send them my business plan - but spruce it up and triple check it and make sure it looks good. Make sure you write a professional letter about why you want them to consider working with you and the benefit it would bring to them. Tell them you love their product and let them know how dedicated you would be. 

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