How to deal with shipping and different suppliers while dropshipping.

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Hi there, 

My Dropshippers seem to use different delivery methods such as UPS and Fedex.   How is it possible to cover all bases when choosing a delivery method.  My customers could choose UPS and end up getting a tracking link from Fedex.. I am a bit confused on this. 

I also need to change my options from 1 and 2 day delivery to a more realistic 2-5 day delivery so customers do not get upset. 

Thanks for any help, 

Orla O'Shea

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Hey, Orla!

Aria here, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify. ?

I would recommend you avoid using the calculated rates if you are using more than one supplier to dropship. Other than your customer potentially choosing the wrong carrier, the rates would never be accurate because your business address would be used to calculate the rates, rather than your supplier's address. You can only have one address on your shipping page. 

The best solution for a store with multiple suppliers is to use free shipping or flat rate shipping, using price based shipping rates. I am a fan of 'free' shipping, because it encourages sales. You can boost your sales by only offering free shipping when your customer spends over a certain amount, $100 perhaps. You can have a flat rate for anything under $100. The Free Shipping Bar app is useful if you decide to do it that way. You may wish to increase your product prices a little to compensate. 

Another option is to use an app such as Bespoke Shipping to create per item shipping rates, based on what your supplier is going to charge you for shipping. To do this, you'd also need to set up Carrier Calculated Shipping. There are 3 ways to add Carrier Calculated Shipping. You can either upgrade to the Advanced Shopify plan which is $299 per month, add it to your existing plan for an additional $20 per month or you can pay annually rather than monthly. This will give you 10% discount on your plan and you’ll get FREE Carrier Calculated Shipping.

Does this make sense? I realize shipping can be a complicated topic to get your head around. We're always here for support if you are still having trouble figuring this out. 

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To change the 1,3 day delivery to 2-5 day delivery, you can very easily do that by selecting the service from the shipping section (Provided you are using Shopify' integrated carrier calculated rates). If you are drop shipping, using the ship from address of the drop shipper to calculate shipping rates is a must. Directly using the drop shipper's address for calculation of rates is not possible. However, you can use the Multi carrier shipping label app to define multiple 'Ship From' addresses and then charge customers based on product type and ship from address. 


You can work around this problem by using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app where your drop shippers' addresses can be configured. So any shipping rate returned at checkout would be calculated based on the drop shipper's address and hence they will be accurate. Moreover, with the app, you can choose to show only those services which take 3-5 days to ship rather than the premium ones. This should be easily.


Hello @Orla_O_Shea 


Our advice does not mention the shipping carrier name in Checkout.  Just mention Standard shipping with the Tracking number included. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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