How to find better prices ?

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I have my dropshipping since 1 year. I have 400 products, but 1 of my product is a best seller.


I would like to know how to find a better price for this product, as I sell it often (50 per months for the moment and it's increasing). I asked to the Aliexpress seller, he answered that he already gives me the best price, but I don't believe him. 


Thanks for your ideas :-)


In that case you can direct visit at AliExpress and compare the pricing and also you can do one more thing. To create another account for testing purpose and ask them to the pricing lets see what they will offer to you.


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Try to source on 1688, it is the source for most Aliexpress sellers.

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Hello friend,


Could you please tell me what items you are looking for a better price?I am in China and I am a professional purchaser,my main job is helping my clients to look for the items they want with a better price & good quality and do dropshipping for them.

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