How to import your products to shopify store or is any app I can use ?

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I am doing drop ship and my products are not from Ali , my suppliers only offer me CSV but every time I used import  with CSV most items are failed to import . is a lot of products it will take time by manually. someone had that issue and how you guys solve it? 

Shopify successfully completed your batch import.

22 products successfully imported.
0 existing products ignored.
83 products failed to import.

Thanks for the any help

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Shopify Staff
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Hey Zachary!

My name is Ayfa, I’m one of Shopify’s Gurus and I’m here to help! :)

As looking into this issue requires us to check out your account specifically, I have sent you an email so we can support you on this privately.

Keep an eye out for a mail from me and please reply there so we can continue to work with you on this!

Thanks so much Zachary, speak soon :)


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