How to set up Dropshipping with my vendor I already found months before I created my shopify websit

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Hello my name is Shawncy and im new to all this. This whole process can be frustrating. Ive searched all over online. But no answers to my specific question.

I have been speaking with a vendor for months now. I found the company on alibaba dec 2020. No I am not, and will not, be using the companies pictures. I have my own.

Instead of manually sending my vendor orders from customers that ordered off my shopify website... I want the orders to automatically go to my vendor. BUT I also want to know if there

is a way that before the customers money is taken(by me), I have to approve the order first(maybe double check with personal vendor to reassure we have what the customer needs, this will alleviate full refunds), once I approve, the customer is then charged and their order goes directly to my vendor to make(produce) then send directly to customers home.

I also keep reading that using oberlo app, I find a vendor in that app and link their pictures of products to my website. Thats not what I want to do. I already have my vendor, and pictures of my own for my website. I like my pictures better lol. PLEASE HELP ME!! I hope you understand what i am saying!


Hi @Shawncy 

Your Alibaba vendor has store in Aliexpress? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders can definitely meet your shop's needs. It allows you to set up suppliers and import products and set cost prices. You can then automatically generate purchase orders from orders your customers make and it will import all of the items they order and their address and email it to your supplier. It can also handle splitting orders into multiple POs where the items have different suppliers. This should help you reduce time spent fulfilling orders and eliminate mistakes.

Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions