How to setup ecommerce site with many suppliers

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I have many different suppliers of products that we will be selling on our online store.  Orders will come through our website and each individual supplier (small business, manufacturer, etc) will be shipping their own products.  How do I set this up on Shopify?  I want to:

  • Automatically notify supplier of new orders
  • automatically manage fees and payments to each supplier
  • Emails to customer:
    • Confirm order and send invoice
    • Shipping confirmation

Are there any apps that take care of this?  I don't necessarily want an app that I select all the products and click "add to website", but rather input my own suppliers and have this all taken care of.  

If no app is available, what is the best way to go about this?

Essentially I'm drop shipping, with my own vetted suppliers.

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Hi Christian,

My name is Anne, on the Guru team. Thanks so much for getting in touch with us on the forums!

  • It is possible to set up custom fulfillment options on your store for each of your suppliers. You can find our how to do this here-
  • That would notify your suppliers of new orders, however it wouldn't manage fees and payments, and shipping rates would need to be taken at the checkout and would be general rates for your full store. This means that you would have to manage this external to your Shopify store, and may need the help of an expert to set this up-
  • There is an amazing app in the app store that may work for you! Its called Multi Vendor Marketplace, and allows you to add vendors and track everything. You are welcome to contact them by clicking on Get Support in the app store and finding out how they may work for you-

I hope this helps!

Warm regards,

Anne :)

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Hi look whit orderhive in apps store in shopify



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Shopify Staff
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HI Marco,

Were you meaning this app-

It looks fab, thanks for sharing!