I Will Build You A Dropshipping Business And A Stunning Well Designed Website. Check Out What I Offer. You Wont Regret It!

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Hi everyone, i want to first just give a brief introductory about my self. Im a student that is free most of the time and enjoy creating websites. I have sold two websites already and both of them of which i built my self and had no one ask me to build it specifically and still managed to sell them easily. 

Anyways, let me tell you what i will offer you. 

  1. Niche research for the desired niche that you want. you tell me your thoughts and ill find you suppliers and contact them. and the i will research products that they offer and see what products have the best conversion rate and reviews and that will match your business. ( up to 30 products ). and always remember quality over quantity. 
  2. i will upload the products to the website and write 100-300 words product descriptions. will add images and sort out collections and organize the website inventory. 
  3. then i will start designing the website to match your taste and the industry’s most importantly. this will also include a custom logo and domain. i will also add images, banners and ensure to include all needed pages in footer and header menus. i will also add two blog posts that relate to your niche. 
  4. then i will create your social media platforms and add images and content. and help you boost your likes and follows to ensure that your brand has some social proof. 


i also like dividing payment into two separate payments. the first payment is the okay good to go button. and second i will receive when i complete the project. 

i must also say that my time to complete the project is around 7-14 days. and the reason i manage to finish it quick is because i only accept and focus on one project at a time. im 95% done with a project i am currently working on with a client and i want to start talking about my next project with potential clients. 

if you want to check some of my previous work head to ttealicious.com, i can also refer you to my previous clients and you can ask them about my service. i ensure that they’re fully satisfied and i always stay in contact with them to help them through their venture. 

now i would love to help in the step after making the website and that is marketing it, however i cant still call my self an expert as i am still learning and developing my skills in this field. therefore, i wont be offering marketing. however, i will happily help you through and give you really helpful tips and will happily also if you would like take a look at your campaigns and give my some feedback. 

we can discuss my price on email or chat on any social media platforms and there i can also make sure to answer any of your questions. 

Email: abdalla.jabarii@gmail.com